K.M. West

Ander Farrow failed to fulfill his prophecy & the world ended. Now he uses his psychic powers for parlor tricks while he & his brother, Lash, kill monstrous creatures for pay. Liv might be his chance for redemption, if they—or the Creats that hunt them—don't accidentally kill her first.


A tiny lie convinces Liv to let the Farrows join her hunt for the Priestess—a woman rumored to possess real power. They journey through a war-torn shadow of the American South, exposed to the elements, a kaleidoscope of cultures, magic, monsters, and the macabre. The Farrows question all they were raised to believe while Liv must reconcile the horrors encountered with the discovery that there may be more to the Farrows’ madness—and to her—than she realized. But can the Priestess save them from what really lies in the dark?


Season 1

10 Episodes - 45 min per Episode