M. Stewart

Maragov is the jewel of the Free Duchies. For centuries the Dukes of Maragov have kept a delicate balance between the nations that surround them and the tensions between the duchies. Daughters of Maragov are pawns within the larger game of power. 

Alexa, youngest daughter of Maragov, has never known safety or security. It is her duty to become a concubine to the Drakon of Samar. 

Samar, empire of legends, teeters upon a knife’s edge. To appease the powerful allied families of the Court, the Crown Prince Ravnish Sule is sent into exile. 

When their paths collide, Fortune appears to have smiled on them both. But, Fortune is fickle. When the delicate balance of power is destroyed they must find a way to survive in a shifting landscape of invasion, war, and betrayal.


Season 1

16 Episodes - 40 min per Episode