Steven Cross

What kind of world would it be if stories were forbidden because they interfered with technological efficiency … if you were a citizen of that world and you couldn’t stop writing stories …  if you couldn't stop, even if you risked execution?

This is Billy’s world. When someone snitches, enforcers come for him, but a stranger named Linn spirits him to a parallel world where magic flourishes, where dragerts roam with witches and wizards, and a school exists just for storytellers where he can learn to harness his powers. Powers which just might allow Billy to change the past and the future.


The witch of Hinterlu wishes to make Billy's power hers, in hopes of changing her own future. However, the witch and the storytellers must work together when the armies of Tonguestin Towers invade their land.


Season 1

11 Episodes - 20 min per Episode