Episode 1 - Roots

Author John Darrow receives a mysterious letter inviting him back home for a stay at the luxurious Traveler’s Inn.

Episode 2 - What Lurks

John witnesses frightening hallucinations as he explores the inn grounds. Erica travels to the library to learn more about the town’s history.

Episode 3 - Digging

Erica discovers a disturbing journal recounting town history. Jasper tends to John’s wounds while Rusty delivers a group of new guests to the inn.

Episode 4 - Denial

John is charmed by the inn and insists upon staying. Steve and his friends have a personal meeting with the real owner.

Episode 5 - Rewriting History

John recounts his traumatic past as he drives to visit his family. Jasper tries to convince Erica the journal she found was a fabrication.

To be continued...