Allen Rivers

Home isn’t always where the heart is.

For John Darrow, a product of rural poverty and trauma, home is the dark blotches hiding in the corner of his mind. John escaped generational poverty, transposing his nightmares to page and becoming a New York Times bestselling author. When a mysterious letter arrives, offering John a free three-day retreat at the luxurious Traveler’s Inn, he journeys home to rediscover his roots.

Awed by the magnificent lodge-style retreat, John appreciates home in a new way. Something is off, however. Between the whispers and sideways looks, like the trip is a production, trims and trappings all a distraction. Then there are the visions and movements in the shadows, strange creaks and noises at night, frightening hallucinations and violent nightmares. There’s something lurking in the darkness, something the locals have known about for generations. 

It’s time to understand home for the first time.


Things Forgotten

10 Episodes - 35 min per Episode