Brandi Schonberg

Amarynn, a legendary warrior who hates everything she’s become, desperately wants her existence to end. But there’s one problem with that. She’s immortal.


She’s also made a terrible mistake and given away secrets about her immortality to Venalise Korr, a powerful mage capable of twisting that magic into something terrible. Even worse, Venalise also stole the magical stone called The Gate - the key to everything immortal.


Amarynn strikes out to handle it on her own, but he follows her. Jael, the Crown Prince of Karth, joins her as they risk everything to infiltrate the enemy to rescue the mage and the Gate. If their rescue fails, Venalise will have the power to create a league of immortal warriors just like Amarynn. If that happens, the wars between kingdoms will never end. It also means Amarynn will continue to live, forever. Though now that she’s gotten close to the prince, she doesn’t know if that’s a bad thing after all.


Episode 1

In the Far Reaches, Amarynn tries to end her life just as an old mentor tracks her down and tries to convince her to return.

Episode 2

After the King sentences her to the dungeon, Amarynn learns new information that threatens Karth’s very existence. A chance encounter with a child sparks hope for Regealth.

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Episode 3

Regealth endures harsh treatment, but makes an astonishing discovery while Amarynn decides to take matters into her own hands.

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Episode 4

Jael learns more about Amarynn as they make their way through the mountains and arrive at Athtull Keep.

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Episode 5

Amarynn must rethink her strategy just as Jael executes a strategy of his own.


Episode 6

Jael is placed in a heart-wrenching position by Lors and must decide the fate of the people he is sworn to protect.

Episode 7

Amarynn finds she has become a great experiment and is subjected to unthinkable action by Lors and Venalise while Jael hatches a plan.

Episode 8

Venalise is merciless in her assault on Amarynn’s mind while on the outside of the Keep, Jael learns of a secret kept from him since his childhood that will change everything.

Episode 9

Jael returns for Amarynn but they are not out of danger.

Episode 10

A strange and frightening obstacle stands between Jael and Amarynn’s escape, but just when they think they have made it,  they are then faced with the most surprising obstacle of all.

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