Episode 1 - "We're going where?"

Grant has news for Sarah, who realizes that she’ll be leaving her whole life behind. Again.

Episode 2 - The last time

As the family prepares for their voyage to Mars, it’s revealed that they are not what they seem.

Episode 3 - Goodbyes

Sarah says goodbye to old friends.

Episode 4 - Old friends

Her last day of work, her last day outside. Sarah boards the shuttle and starts to settle in.

Episode 5 - The Garden

As the family settles in, Sarah knows the garden plot will help her stay grounded. Maybe everything will be ok.

Episode 6 - Something's wrong

Sarah begins to doubt Grant’s judgement, in both his work and his relationships.

Episode 7 - High alert

As the issue on board worsens, Sarah’s suspicions grow. Then, tragedy strikes

Episode 8 - Coping

What can you do, but live? Sarah needs to keep going, for the sake of her family and the ship. 

Episode 9 - Do or die

Things get worse, and the Mars program itself is at risk. They have one last chance to solve the problem, and the window is closing quickly.