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Episodic is more than a publishing house, it's a community! We're a team of authors, editors, and designers with one goal: reinvigorating Literature for the Digital Age. 

In this hectic world, it can be hard to carve out free time to enjoy a good book. Episodic aims to change that! Our stories are delivered every other week via palatable (but engaging) episodes, which run about an hour long, each. It is our goal to encourage and foster the love of reading by providing quality original fiction, replete with a fully immersive user experience.

Print and eBook versions of selected titles, are coming soon!


Episodic's authors have the unique opportunity to share their work with readers, in real time, from within our supportive community. 

Our shared values are intrinsic to our core mission: to share our passion for curated fiction, and create a fun and engaging virtual 'cafe' for readers and authors to engage in. 

If you submit your work to Episodic, you are choosing to work with a dedicated team!

Be part of an exciting adventure - Episodic offers higher than industry average remuneration scales, editing services, cover art and graphics, a strong community base, real-time access to fans, and a comprehensive marketing plan.

If you'd like to join us, check out our Submission Guidelines now, or feel free to email your questions to: info@episodicreading.com!

A Message From Our Founder

What our authors say about us...

Episodic is an exciting new publishing venture which really cares about the books it publishes. I know because they put me through some rigorous editing for Tongue Tied, my fantasy novel. They are great to work with.