Isobelle Lans

A tongue-in-cheek spy adventure with hapless heroes, witty villains, and an international gallop against a ticking clock, set in 1950s East London.

Twenty-year-old Eddie Brooks is a petty criminal and delinquent from the wrong side of town, but when he gets mixed up in an accidental breaking-and-entering, he unwittingly stumbles upon documents about his father’s mysterious death. Caught red-handed, he becomes embroiled in the dangerous plans of biological scientist, Dr Aamon Quinn. Arrested and sentenced, Eddie faces the gallows until an unexpected phone call saves his life. Free from prison, he meets Walter Morgan, a spy in an intelligence organisation who is determined to take Quinn down.


Together, Eddie and Morgan use everything at their disposal to unmask Quinn and stop him before he turns his biological weapon against the world.


Season 1

10 Episodes - 30 min per Episode